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Who's Shapiro? Warped Tour 2009: Just about what I expected...

Sorry for the wait. Post recap of: 21 July 2009

And what did I expect? Not much. Out of the numerous bands there that day, I was determined to see three of them. The rest, I couldn't have cared less if they were playing at all. For the line up - Check out

Now don't get me wrong, it was great for a lot of people and I'm glad. I also love the idea of Warped Tour's festival style with the ridiculous amount of bands that do play. I just personally disliked most of the bands -felt like so many just sounded all the same- and also felt like years past have been multiple times better. And some guy at South Station was rambling on about "Shapiro" to a person in the seat across from him that only he could see. Who the hell is Shapiro?

It rained like a motherfucker! And that is no lie. Every inch of me was soaked, including my electronics. This is why you get this post so late, I was PISSED all morning. I had photos and videos of three bands I wanted to see, total number of all media on my camera when I left the venue: 222 The number of photos that were uploaded to my computer before the camera had an error and deleted practically everything: 61

All anger aside- Bad Religion, NOFX, and Anti-Flag completely kicked my ass, PWND me, and all that other shit- they were wicked. I went to Warped in'04 and missed Anti-Flag, so getting to see them front and center was pure sex. They played around 2:55, mixing old and new into their set, keeping everyone happy. All the 12/13 yr olds who only knew of their last two albums eyed them, confused, as the rest of us broke out, chanting along to "You gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government, gotta die for your country, that's shit!" They were an amazing, amazing, wicked awesome, best part of my day by far. Chris #2 (Barker) is always the highlight of my life. Talk about some fucking energy, that guy has it. The vocals, the moves, the usual jumping into the audience, and of course, the wall of love. You have to be there to know. Also, you have a few photos of him here from the performance because (he is THE MAN) they were the only ones that survived from the bands I enjoyed :( but hurrah for AF. They rocked my world.

(5:55 p.m.)Bad Religion was in fine form, no matter how many jokes they make about their age, they still own you on stage. An awesome performace of Generator, one of my personal favourites, got the crowd moving. I had great footage that was lost, video of "Sorrow" and even a guest appearance by NOFX's lead singer Fat Mike, joining in for the chorus of "21st Century Digital Boy" [<- there are parenthesis in there somewhere but I'm too exhausted to remember]. After the BR set, NOFX took over, also in fine form but in a more intoxicated manner. Fat Mike enjoying Vodka & milk from a red solo cup on stage. An "old man's drink" as he says. The set was covered in rainbow flags as the guys played on the idea of this being one of the more liberal states in the nation. The boys being ridiculously, and humorously liberal themselves, meant no offense and anyone who took any are assholes. "Bob" was a crowd favourite of the night, as well as The Racist Joke Song. They also graced us with a new song they had just written in the bus about Massachsuetts, I loved it, I's too fucking cold here. Probably one of my favourite in the NOFX set was their cover of Rancid's "Radio", but that's just because Rancid are the loves of my life. After NOFX, I said FUCK IT. Skipped out on the 2-3 other bands I didn't want to see and waited on the warm, dry bus to take me back to Boston.

Well that was most of my Warped! There was more to it but I don't want to own your life by having you read anymore of this blog....BUT! I am now the proud owner of two RANCID tickets for TUESDAY, at the House of Blues [Boston] with Rise Against and I believe Billy Talent (I didn't know BT was still around) so I am a happy narrator. Until next time, where I may share more Warped with you.

Keep it wet.

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Social_Treason said...

I will make all the old joke about Bad Religion I want... and it's 21st Century (Digital Boy) too bad you lost footage... we'll use Ian's monkiness to get it back :p, sleep well love