Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok so I have a blog to post but I need to put this in here first. I LOVE NEWBURY COMICS & TWITTER. The two combined is an orgy of happiness for me. Why? Because I win stuff. I've won stuff from them before but this morning I won THREE TICKETS TO WARPED TOUR on Tuesday @ the Comcast Center. So, no need to convince me. I have to go! All though I'm really only interested in 3 bands. I'll go for free anytime :)
Now back to my blog I originally had planned for this morning:

Good morning darlings!

Well it's morning as I'm writing this but who knows what time it will be when I actually post it. You know I have returned to my addicting blogger ways because I'm writing this in a "note" on my cell phone. I don't see any character limits yet but I'm going to test that.

Cell phones are such strange odbjects, don't you think? I mean the telephone in general (I don't know many people who have house phones anymore), what an invention. I could talk to someone in Australia if I wanted to! & if I wanted to pay the long distance... People stand in awe of all the technological advances we are making - come on touchscreens are definitely some alien shit- but I'm still in awe of the inventions from years ago. We're just improving the original. I applaud the originators. <- Is that the right word?

What started this off was my cell phone, the same piece of technology I'm blogging on right now. I'm with AT&T and just recently had an upgrade which is good because I needed a new phone and I'm too cheap to spend a couple hundred when I don't have an upgrade. My new phone with upgrade: $50. List Price: $299.99 A price I would never pay. I didn't get a phone until I was 15 or 16 and in this day and age where 9 year olds have cell phones they don't need, that's a while. What can I say. I'm a 90s kid and that's just how we do. Having a phone that slides was as big as it got for me - camera or no camera. Didn't matter. That was it.

With my upgrade I bought the LG XENON, hurling me forward into this century of cell phone technology. I've always been seduced by the idea of a cell phone with a full keyboard. I'm keyboard wizard at my laptop and couldn't wait to text at lightning speeds! Plus it does that cool little slide I've always loved. But to my surprise when I walked into Best Buy! (yes Best Buy, they were the only ones who sold the black one and was cheaper than the AT&T store) and picked up the model only to have it vibrate wildly under my palm. It was also a TOUCHSCREEN. Holy shit. For $50? Purchased. Owned. In one customer review I saw that he said he had to charge his phone every 5-6 hours. That guy must never shut up or never turn off his phone...but I have kept it running on the same battery for an entire weekend. I just shut it off at night.

That aside, I like fancy gadgets but I hate paying the price that comes with them. So I don't. My phone is probably the fanciest gadget I own (my laptop is still the love of my electronics life).

Now it's time for a bike ride before it gets too humid and the thunderstorms roll in. If you're going to WARPED TOUR on Tuesday July 21st, hit me up. We'll check out a set together. Until then...

Turn it up fuckin' loud,

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