Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rancid: Never fell in love until I fell in love with you...

Post Recap of July 28, 2009

Computer problems delayed this post, more will be explained in tomorrow's blog.

What did you do on Tuesday? I went to the House of Blues on 15 Landowne St. Boston, MA to see what you all know as the loves of my life. Well my musical life. RANCID. My day started off slow with about an hour delay of the Green Line trains. All branches because of a disabled train at one of the other stations. I LOVE the MBTA, I rely on them, but the Green Line is the enemy. Just a useful enemy. Walking around the corner towards Lansdowne street showed the flocks of Red Sox fans making their way to Fenway which is right across the street from the HOB. This would be a good time to tell you that the Sox game started at 7 and the doors opened for my show at 6:30. I showed up at 2:30. At 2:30 I met 4 other people also waiting as early as I was, two of which had just moved to my home/hometown of East Boston. The lead singer of Billy Talent was parading up and down the street but of course I didn't know who the fuck he was, BECAUSE I barely know anything by Billy Talent. Later on, a few of the guys were playing wiffle ball across Lansdowne and Mr. Tim Armstrong (Rancid) joined in on the game. I have met Mr. Armstrong so when I and others tell you he is extremely down to earth, willing to talk with fans, and quite gentlemanly I might add. Believe it. This man is my hero if I ever decide to have one.

As I stood outside with my new "I'm only here for Rise Against" friends, I also explained to them, I only showed up for Rancid. Word for word, I get as a response- "Well I don't know about Rancid fans but Rise Against fans are absolutely insane". I just shrugged and said, I wouldn't know- knowing in the back of my mind that they weren't ready for Rancid fans. After sweating for four hours outside and then another 30 minutes in the hallway, we were finally allowed into the venue. I stood through Billy Talent, quite still I might add, still enough to get a video for a friend who is a fan. Crowd was quite dull except for a few fans who occasionally pushed me forward once or twice. The lead singer is very energetic and it would be a good show for those who enjoy their music.

Rancid was second of the night, which I still don't understand HOW they could be just a supporting band, in my humble opinion. First chord played and hundreds of bodies pushed forward. The guy in front of me obviously didn't want to be touched and continuously tried to push us all back. He was just met by a stronger push, slamming him into the barricade each time. If you can't handle being in front for all of the crowds, just not the band you want to see, I personally say- get lost. Leave the front for someone who cares. One song alone, I counted 21 crowd surfers to be picked off by security guards. Yes, I made sure to count- just for you my dear blog readers. Matt Freeman even broke out the pure white stand-up base for "Civilian Ways" from their new album Let The Dominoes Fall. Go look it up. People were being asked to be pulled from the crowd because the force crushed all the air from their lungs. I stood on my toes, letting the pressure from the bodies around me hold me up, and belted out every song. Old and new. My official statement: Seeing Rancid in concert is better than sex. Period-ended. No one will ever know how much their chords, their words, all their songs mean to me and what they have helped me through over the years. I feel like Tim Armstrong took my life and put it on every CD they have made. I don't remember the entire set but I do remember "Bloodclot" and "Nihilism" thrown in with "Fall Back Down" and "Last One to Die". An overall great mix of music from albums over the last 16 years. Including my personal favourite which they have played every time I've seen them- "St. Mary".

Just as soon as it began, it was over. Supporting bands not getting enough time I think they deserved. Sweating, panting, legs wobbling I pushed my way through the crowd -wetter than I was at Warped which was outside in the pouring rain. I walked right out the fucking door without looking back. No Rise Against set for me or the other 50 or so people who left with me after Rancid's set. I hope your Rise Against crowd was good guys 'cause now you know how Rancid fans show their love for their boys.

I froze my ass off on the train, in the most glorious pain there is. Rancid, by far, the most amazing band I have known in my time. Of course that is just my opinion and it works for me. Go see them live if you like any of their music, even if you know one song, go, you will not regret it. That's all I have for you tonight my friends. This post cannot contain the excitement and emotion I wish it could.

"Here it is
Here I am
Turn it up
fuckin' loud"

Until next time darlings.

"When I got the music, I got a place to go."

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