Monday, July 20, 2009

An AntiClimatic Morning

Just a little note: If you do get a post from me tomorrow -Tuesday the 21st- it's going to be another late one. I will be at Warped Tour tomorrow and don't know when I will be back or if I will want to write at that time.

Evening you delicious people! You have no idea what me and the internet have been up to today. Buy, sell, trade, tickets- it's all about tickets! I'm too addicted to my music to stop! I'm trying to see Rancid & Rise Against next week all the while trying to hook up with some kid who wanted to buy a Warped Tour ticket for TOMORROW! It's all quite insane but hey, whatever happens - happens. Also got my loan today, approved, so now I can go to school and be in debt some more! Fun fun.

I honestly don't have any inciteful reviews for you today. I could review a new movie I watched earlier or talk about some music but this morning has jsut been too stressful. There may be a chance I have the urge to post later, and if I do I wil be right back here typing. Tomorrow night or Wednesday will sure to have a much longer post seeing as I will have to tell you all about my Warped exploits. Hit up to check out the line-up [which I'm not too happy about] or for more dates.

"God bless the concrete and chaos it keeps."
Until further notice.

Don't forget the streets.

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