Monday, July 27, 2009

Daunting Tasks and Children in Heat

Boston Logan Airport Temperature as of 15:31 - 91 degrees Fahrenheint.

What task have I set out for myself today? Book cataloguing. How does one accomplish this in a house full of books? Slowly. You can imagine the actual number of books we own if I feel the need to know what's what and where (including a Boston Public School Book of Poetry for Children from more than 100 years ago). We have at least one bookcase in every room, including the bathroom. One room is lined with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and a few others of the same size are sprinkled around our 5 1/2 room first floor home. We're also planning on having a yard sale so we figure we'll get rid of the duplicates we already know we have plus the ones we probably didn't. so if you're looking for a book, hit me up. Good chance we have it.

Also you probably won't get a post from me tomorrow, once again, unless it's late. I will be at the House of Blues Boston for a show I will recap in my next blog.

I have currently taken over the living room to watch a movie while I have the place to myself. The Reaping full of biblical references that I doubt most people would recognize.

I apologize for the lame post with lack of opinion but I don't know where my emotions have strayed to today. I will see you all soon, lots of love, feed on my last few posts.

Here's looking at you kid,

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