Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Meanest of Times

I highly recommend the quality celtic-punk sound of Dropkick Murphys' Latest album "The Meanest of Times" Home town boys! Know what you're doing...
Listen to it!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Just Another Saturday; Boredom, Beverages, & UFC 75


It's about 9pm this typical Saturday. I'm sitting in my friends bed while she is away in her college dorm, or not...maybe out with them boys ha ha. Laying back, I'm enjoying a diet coke with lime that I'm surprised I even like -first glass ever ha ha. I'm not one to drink a lot of carbonated beverages.

Tonight is the night of UFC 75: Champion v. Champion and I'm most definitely watching at the moment. The only thing I dislike about this as well as boxing is that you have to wait through many fights to get to the one you watched for in the first place. Tonight I'm not watching for this big unifying belt of pride and ufc - I want to see Bisping v Hammil. This is going to be a challenge for the Count and I want to see him continue his undefeated record by KO or TKO tonight.

This blog is going to be continuous because I have to sit here until the fight. Also fighting tonight is Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović who I would also like to see walk away with a victory. Now I'm a very technical MMA fan, I watch it for pure enjyment hoping the fighters I support come out on top in these fights.

What am I doing here on a Saturday night? Staying in, yes. I know...she must have no life. Right? It's not lie that. I'm just getting into the groove of things with my friend that I spent my weekends moving away. I'll probably be online most of tonight....thi isn't even my computer. This is someone else's laptop, someone else's bed, phone connection, cup I'm drinking ou of, coke i'm drinking...haha it's not mine! Any of it!

Another thing about it being 9:30 on a Saturday night, no one is online to talk to sadly. There's 2 or 3 regulars I converse with and I'm missing them right now....haha. Kind of a slow day, ya know? Mike, Smurph, ...where are you guys? :( Well hope you're having some fun. There's only so much you can do on MySpace and the internet. Well, I'll check in from time to time...and also to let you know the fight results- of the big fights that is. I'm not paying that close of attention to the undercard although I am watching them.

I didn't know Paul Taylor was fighting tonight. Let's see how he does against "the Irish Handgrenade." Win given to Marcus Davis by Submission: Armbar. Damn.

Every time I see that Shoot'em Up trailer, I kind of want to see it.

And now for Mirko v Kongo. Let's see that highlight reel style head kick KO! Definitely interesting fight, hope you watched it. Win given to Cheich Kongo: Unanimous Decision. Damn.
For the fight I really care about, Michael Bisping v Matt Hammil. I'll stick around for the other fights but this is THE fight for me. Can' type now, must....watch...Bisping :) He seems a bit cocky/comfortable tonight haha but I love him. So much anticipation I had for this. End of first round and my heart is going...You can see why people have waited for this fight, be back next round. Bisping needs to step it up. If you haven't watched it -you must!
Win given to Michael Bisping; Split Decision NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson v Dan "Hollywood" Henderson

Not going into details...Unifying belt UFC/PRIDE Lightheavyweight Champion. Win given to Quinton Rampage Jackson;Unanimous Decision

Take care my friends,


Monday, September 3, 2007

A Weekend

Well, I helped a friend move into her dorm this weekend. And traveled, to and from time, about 9 hours. I'm tired, bruised, and sick off of fast food -but I'd rather be like this than stuck with her roomie. I'm sorry, I hope you two can adjust.
College, what a life eh?

Take care.