Friday, July 17, 2009


It is true, today is Friday and my weekend shall now commence. In 2 hours and counting...

These past two days seem to have been the longest of the summer. Not time-wise but by responsibility. I was working on my Russian review and have mailed it to my professor today for her corrections. After this week I hope I speak Russian in my sleep. I also need to get moving on my student loan, but who the HELL actually wants to go through that process? I should have a movie review after this weekend. Probably a half-assed movie review unless I love it. I don't even know which film we're going to see.

For those of you who know me...I don't drive. Nope. No car, no license, not even a permit. I have feet, mooching, and the good ol' MBTA to get me where I need to go...but for Tuesday, I need to get out to MANSFIELD from Boston, for the Warped Tour. I never heard of this before, but I'm sharing this weeks discovery with you: ROCK BUS That's right. Rock Bus. It's picking me up (and others of course) at South Station, taking me out to Mansfield before show time, and bringing me back to South Station that night. It's brilliant. It has spots for MANY shows coming up so check it out. It's definitely worth the not-so-expensive price.

What other matters are at hand...oh! Does anyone else watch Nurse Jackie? I don't have the channel for it but I watch episodes online. WHO ELSE THINKS COOP IS THE SHIZ? I just needed to put that out there. The show itself is alright, some of the typical story lines, some pretty good humour. I prefer Dr. House humour over Nurse Jackie humour but Dr. Cooper on Nurse Jackie just his "nervous habit", perfect.

You probably will NOT hear from me tomorrow, I don't usually blog on Saturdays unless I have an urgent need to tell you all something and have access to a computer. Damn that was a long sentence. So if you don't hear from me tomorrow I will return to my lovelies on Sunday evening.

Send me some music to review, my ears are dying for something new.
Until next time.

Mind The Gap.

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