Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Low and behold my darlings!

I have returned, I guess. Yes, it has been quite a long time and I have lost many readers...BUT I will still blog along in my own little world until someone stops by to glance at my ramblings. Now for a little on where I have been.

College. The end.

No, but truthfully - while I was on campus I had no desire to blog when I had time and therefore I trailed off into procrastination, my favourite hobby. It is the summer and college is still ruling my life. Currently applying for student loans and working on my Russian review which I volunteered for. I DO NOT have a summer job because the economy hates me, I believe it. I DO however have a job for when I return to campus. I will be your lovely Academic Adviser at the UNH Center For Academic Resources. Stop by and I'll give you advice and shit.

In other news... RANCID -the loves of my life- are recording a new video for the song "Up To No Good" from their new album "Let the Dominoes Fall". I'm sure somewhere in my last posts before I fell off the face of the earth I mentioned how impatient I was for the CD. Well, OWNED, caressed, loved, and listening to it constantly since it came out back in June. TO keep up-to-date with the shoot and other Machete crap, keep your eye on the Machete MFG Blog here:

The RANCID/RISE AGAINST show for Boston is sold out and I'm hitting the pavement to get tickets. So email me and I will buy those motherfuckers.

What else? A friend of mine is considering starting a blog for his ramblings, and hell I am SURE he has a bunch of them. Remember my Soapbox Preachers post? That's all I have to say. I'd post his email here if I was cruel and have you all send him convincing messages. If he goes through with it I will post the link here and send you all his way.
UPDATE! He has officially started his blog. Check out It's such a wealth of information, why are you so poor? Here:

Speaking of blogs, I have DELETED Playing With Napalm for those of you who cared. I didn't anymore and you can get all your facebook/myspace addictions somewhere else. NAPALM AND GRAPHITE has also been DELETED because I've realized to be kind to my original blog, this one, I need to focus only on one. Plus, the others didn't really matter. If you miss NAPALM AND GRAPHITE and all my drawings, email me and I will direct to an album of my things.

Anyone going to Warped Tour this year? Convince me that I should go.

All my love and bootlicking,

P.S. WTF MICHAEL BISPING? You are NOT supposed to get knocked out. Ever.

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