Friday, July 31, 2009

The Execution Yard

This is a very telling blog title for many of the things I'm feeling today as well as yesterday.

Yesterday I sent out my computer that apparently has a damaged optical drive, and hasn't been reading CDs/DVDs/or anything of that sort. Felt like I was sending it to it's death. I miss it already, making it more difficult for me to post for you all. I tend to feel like posting at night and I only have access to a computer for part of the day. My laptop is beautiful, the love of my technological life, modified by a number of stickers covering every inch, down to the keyboard. Luckily, my warranty is good until 2011, I don't have to pay for shit I didn't break, and I'll have it back within a week or two. Soon enough before my ass is back on campus.

Also the Execution Yard is where I wouldn't mind sending a few people on holiday. What people?: Lazy people, Because "I can't refuse a two sandwiches before a turkey dinner" people, people who have bad conversation etiquette- they go two ways, "I always want to borrow money" people, "I don't like to be touched but I get on a crowded train" people, and a lot of other people this week. But I'm smiling, because that's me...and of course I stepped on the train guy's shoe to make me feel better. Sometimes I just decide to stop trying and let these people get what I have coming for them, 'cause mofo I'm so aggravated I'm throwing grammar out the window.

This weekend's plans are a mystery to me since, well, we never make plans. Things just happen. I'm going to enjoy being disconnected from a lot without the internet while I'm away, I'm sure as hell getting a lot more reading done. Currently reading About A Boy by Nick Hornby which, yes, was made into a movie starring Hugh Grant. Halfway through the book and it's funnier than the film. I have a few Hornby books waiting to get their turn and they will soon.

That's all I have for you darlings, I'm going to check my Twitter page now because I have many internet addictions.

Remember, speak truthfully and loud enough so everyone can fucking hear what you have to say. But also remember, opinion is a two way street.

Until next time. Until Sunday.

Take the next left.


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Social_Treason said...

I know of your frustrations. Especially with the computer issues. At least it's not a Gateway. Good plan on letting them have it. :D, have a good weekend. :D