Tuesday, October 27, 2009

vague passion

It's only Tuesday.

If you're having a bad day fucking tell me about it, if there's some douchebag at work not pulling his weight I want to know, if you can't pay your bills because the economy sucks fucking scream about it...just don't be a fucking vague bastard. Maybe that's just me but I'm tired of people taking the easy way out. If you're going to fucking rant, do it right! and if you're not comfortable spilling your life, why bother even telling us the vague details? If I ask you how you are, I'm not some asshole that will walk away before the answer. I want to know the good with the shit. So spill it. And if you don't want to honestly know exactly how I am doing because my answer is too long don't fucking ask.

In other news, yes it is only Tuesday and it feels like it should be Friday, or at least these two days have been longer than life. I'm in the middle of figuring out next semester and I'm trying to work in some writing classes into my schedule so I can have an outlet. I miss having a writing class...correction: a creative writing class [I'm currently in Literary Analysis and that is NOT an outlet].

What else? I finally bought the Dope album "No Regrets". It came out back in March and I've been eying it and honestly, forgetting about it for a few months. I'm obsessed with one song called "Dirty World" because it's just that, dirty, and I fucking love it. I love Edsel's sexual style and the lyrics...some Dope songs just sound like sex. You'd have to listen to know. I'll leave the "Dirty World" song at the end of this post. As an album as a whole, there isn't a song I skip when listening to it, so that's some good shit right there. Get on it.

Man, what a mouth I have in this post. My vocabulary must be feeling a little vulgar tonight.

That's all I have for you tonight. I'm too busy putting off my life to really get into a post. I did, however, put up a new entry on napalm dreams & little things earlier and have another dream to post but I might get to that tonight. I also got a book in the mail that should be absolutely, brilliantly mind-numbing and leg-paralyzing. I'll talk a little more about it in my next post, granted I get into enough.

Until next time, go listen to some Dope and break something.


Social_Treason said...

I hope the eruption made you feel better, you sure seemed in a better mood tonight :-). Things build up. This semester seems to be paining everyone... just a couple more months :-)

napalm kristi said...

p.s. I don't let things build up, I rant when I need and when I want. This wasn't build up, that was just "anger" from that one day.