Thursday, November 5, 2009

another day goes by...and then it's November? and I'm Fucking Pissed

Warning up front: Vulgar language....then again, look who's writing it.

We're almost a week into November. When did that happen?

So, Halloween weekend was Halloween weekend. I don't think I really need to explain that one to you. I danced my ass of well past midnight and when I went to sleep...who knows what time it was; daylight savings time confused the hell out of my ass that morning. Two things went down last weekend:

1. A kid in our dorm got a door slammed onto his hand and his fingers are stitched together right now. I woke up to screaming and yelling at 4 in the morning and low & behold, the ambulance is pulling away with this kid in the back. I feel really bad for him and for the douche who slammed the door on him- they're probably feeling pretty fucking guilty right about now....and...


2. There was a "severe beating" (according to the police officer who was at my door the next morning) in front of Sawyer Hall (where I live) around 11:30 on Halloween night. I wasn't there for it, I was dancing my ass off...but come to find out a few hours later, it was a friend of a friend type deal that was the victim. Now even if I didn't know this kid, and know all the people who tell me how awesome he is, what kind of fucking heartless assholes would gang-up, 3 to 1 (possibly 5 to 1), to just beat the shit out of some kid enjoying his Halloween night like a good college student? How the fuck would you like to have your jaw wired shut after someone decided to kick you in the face? Yeah you wouldn't be having a grand old time when your dinner is coming through a straw!

People are fucking idiots some time and I just can't understand it. Here's a link to a short 7 News Article about it. I can tell you though, I know there is at least 3,000 UNH students (known via facebook groups) that are FUCKING PISSED about this and hopefully if someone has ANYTHING, ANY INFORMATION they would contact the police. Hell! Send me an anonymous comment here and I'll pass it one needing to know who it was.

That's all I have to say for now, just try and be a little more humane and less human, understand me? "Do not do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you" ...or simply, don't kick someone in the face if you don't want my fucking boot in yours.

All my love to Adam and friends,
Plea for Peace,

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Social_Treason said...

What kind of shit people I hope they're caught and get what they have coming to them. I hope your mood is improving. Take care of your self. :-)

P.S. I really like your version of the golden rule.

Rams said...

When I used to be a Hall Director at UNH (for five years) I was surprised to learn how often this kind of thing happens. You'd be more scared than angry if you knew.

Culturally, we're less and less in touch with each other in the physical sense of community. Digital communities are taking over. I think this allows people to feel anonymous, and more likely to take their inner rage out on strangers.

napalm kristi said...

Personally in the two years I've been a student here, this has happened a lot and I have gone from scared to angry, not the other way around- that people could be ..I can't even think of how to describe, but as you said, being a hall director here I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.