Wednesday, October 7, 2009

napalm dreams & little things

Hello my beauties...

So it's been about another week since I posted last. I don't want this to become a weekly blog deal but it's slowly becoming that way. I try to post when I don't feel swamped by life, and life is drowning me.

As I sit in the library, Facebook chatting with my friend who is currently studying in Germany, I have this overwhelming urge to not edit the paper that is due tomorrow. It's an analysis on Mikhail Bulgakov's Heart of a Dog...and is for my Intro to Russian Contemporary Society & Culture class. Don't get me wrong, I am fascinated with what I learn in that class but the workload is daunting. I will eventually get to that later.

In other news, I need more music in my life. How is this possible? I don't know. I feel stagnant in my music...but then I'll go put on another Rancid album and I'm happy as pie...If pie was ever happy. So I've been doing something I hate, searching MySpace. I used to get a lot of music from MySpace (about 5 years ago) when that was the only thing I used the internet for, other than tagbooks (if you were a member of the original bolt, send me a line!). So if you have anything to share with me, new or old, yours or not, let me know. I WANT SOME MUSIC.

Also, I don't know if I proposed this idea before but I have been wondering for the longest time about a "dream" blog where I keep track of the dreams I have. It obviously wouldn't be a daily update because I probably wouldn't remember ever dream I've had. It also wouldn't take away from this blog because I wouldn't be ranting on my dreams, just telling them as they are. So let me know what you think and maybe I'll give it a go.

Well that is all for this evening. I have a meeting in 7 minutes and counting for AEGIS [which I will explain another time I assure you]. So until next time...

Mind The Gap.

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Social_Treason said...

Don't worry sweets I'll make sure to bring you some music when I come up there.