Saturday, October 10, 2009

pillow talk

[Ignore the post date. Actually posted on 12.October.2009]
What a past few days it has been for my body.

It seems that one of my roommates is prone to getting sick and I believe it's been twice now (having only lived with her for a month and a half) that I've caught whatever she has. So Friday I took a bus back to Boston and have been practically living in bed since then. Twenty-two pills later, I returned to campus via the same bus line last night.

Now it is Tuesday and it's the greyest of grey days. Raining all day and all night...I just may have to give in and buy new shoes. My converse are torn to shreds and I have been wearing them for years. Normally, I would say fuck it (as I have for the past two years with giant holes in my shoes) but now it's affecting my health so I guess it's time to beat up a new pair. I'm just cheap, broke mostly, and find it ridiculous how much I have to pay for a pair of shoes that my mom paid TEN BUCKS at the most for when she was a kid (three decades ago). So either I'll find myself buying new cons at the mall on Thursday or I'm ordering some Draven shoes on We shall see.

What else? I think it may officially be time to start the "Dream Blog". I might work on the layout tonight and a possible intro and if that's the case I will come back and edit in a link into this post somewhere/mention it in my next post. With the amount of medication I've been on in the past week, I've been having some crazy dreams that would be interesting to put down on paper/via blog.

Ok I have a conference with a professor at 1:45 so I'm heading to Zeke's for a Chai tea/Hot chocolate and to see if I can track down my friend who works in the library. Until next time darlings...

give'em the boot,

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Social_Treason said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, and that new shoes will help. Rest, if you're able to will help, and the best help is a visit from me! ha ha take care hun