Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beyond The Border; Turkestan

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, humans and...all you other creatures, today you are amazing and you should look into the mirror and tell yourselves that. Right now, go find a mirror. Anyhow...

I love coming up with titles for these posts, because they make no sense as they stand on their own, however- these two are the titles of the Tang poems I'm using in the paper I'm currently writing [insert breath here after run-on sentence]. It's not such an issue but I am exhausted and I have two write 3 more pages...and when you feel like shit, three pages can feel like ten. It's interesting research and once I get into I know I'll go with the flow, hopefully. Maybe not, who knows. It is more interesting to me because I get to talk a little bit about Russian history, and well, I have a soft spot for the hunkin'-landmass called Россия (in fact, it's almost like a love affair, it's just that good).

I gave in and bought new shoes today, after wearing the same ones for about the past seven see the difference, take a look at these two photos: and With this being one of the coldest Octobers on record, I guess it was time to go without holes and have whole shoes again...even if they are made of canvas.

Other future purchases I would like to discuss with you, is the Nikon D3000. Originally I had my hopes set on a Nikon D60 but they are circulating those out now and since I want a new camera from somewhere I can get a protection plan, I'm not buying used even if everyone would advise me to. I barely have the money to buy the damn thing, let alone fix something if it breaks. So all-in-all I just wanted to know what your opinion is (unless you already gave it to me nine million times *cough cough*) and whatever else you wish to say.

Now enough of this procrastination, maybe I'll actually go and get some work done instead of messing around with everything else that isn't my paper. Until next time...

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.


Social_Treason said...

Yay for camera but boo for writing and your citing issues. Very good about the shoes they'll be good for ya. I have black converse as well but I hate them in winter. Let us take many pictures together :-)

Anonymous said...

About the camera... It seems like a nice camera. The only thing is that it's not compatible with a lot of lenses. If you plan on really getting into photography later, that's something you may want to consider. If not, then it's probably an awesome camera.