Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sawyer Hall, Not Tom

Let's see if I can get this post out before my floor meeting at 6...

So I am officially back on campus...Sawyer Hall is now where I call home but Boston will forever be mine. It has been an exhausting 4 days I must say and I'm glad my biceps don't have mouths because they would be screaming. So here's a quick breakdown of how things have gone...

Thursday: I left my heart back in Boston around 7:15 a.m. and arrived in Durham, NH sometime around 8 a.m. Enjoyed a quick bagel at the Bagelry before moving all my stuff into my empty built-up triple. If you don't know, a built-up triple is a room made for two people but they shove three into it. Surprisingly, it's decently sized and there is some room we don't know what to do with. Not that there needs to be anything, but we're contemplating it. Thursday afternoon I went to my meeting at Alexander Hall. I signed up for opening crew (why I moved in on the 27th and not the 30th) and we were preparing the hall with signs and such for the Freshmen moving in on the 28th. That night, I went with a few friends to Dos Amigos in Dover, NH and had a delicious steak quesadilla...and then called it a night to be sore in my room and finish putting everything away.

Friday: Up at 6, out at 7 to move in Freshmen which turned out to take eight hours. 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Some of the students and families were great, helping out, and genuinely thanking us for our help. Others just stood next to their piles of stuff while we lugged their kids pointless crap up three flights. Those people annoyed the hell out of me. After the 8 hours with only a cheese sandwich lunch, it was to HOCO! with the opening crew girls for a little ice cream treat. Later on I would eat a cheese steak at Wildcatessen, delicious delicious! as always. Then it was back to spend the evening/night with my Freshmen roommate Cate who moved in during the morning while I was at Alexander Hall.

was a pretty uneventful day I would say. I slept in a bit and decided to grad some breakfast and head over to Newington to pick up a few things I wanted for the room. Turns out bus service doesn't resume until Monday so I grabbed a fruit salad and a hot chocolate from the Bagelry and read High Fidelity for a while (great book!) before heading back to the dorm to hang with my freshie and the hall director.

Sunday-Today: Today was just as crazy. Woke up early and helped my other roommate (person I lived with last year) move in and then helped a friend move into her dorm. Bought some things for the room, a new lamp to clip to my bed...I have to read a lot. We did a lot of room stuff and just got everyone acquainted with everyone else.

But at this point, I just want to close my eyes and drift of to la-la land. And I did NOT get to post this before my 6 pm meeting. After my meeting and dinner it is now 9:09 pm and I am exhausted. First day of classes tomorrow and I'm hoping each class just throws my syllabus at me and tells me to get lost.

Later children.

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Social_Treason said...

Oh sweetie.. it's all suppose to be fun (yeah right). Those people who just stood by the piles... what dicks... Hope you just get the syllabus and that's all, I was hoping for that... no such luck, hope your's is better and that you have a great first week, love ya hun :-)