Monday, August 10, 2009

Today, Yesterday, Letz Get Some Spucky Rolls

My ears hurt from giant headphone pads, my feet are cracking, and my fingers tingle from poster tubes, but that's another post all together...

I ran to Staples this morning for some paper-products and on the way home stopped by my Nana's for a visit. I don't see her that often, as often as I would like, and well- she's not getting any younger. Nana Furtado, originally a Fucci before marriage, was born in 1918. Yep, she's 91 and still living on her own. Fully functional, just a little slower, and completely there. Nothing missing. I want that to be me at 91 and yes I plan to live until 91. I'll die on my own terms.

We spent a lot of time talking about East Boston when my grandfather (her son) was young, all of which was sparked by a conversation about her refrigerator that we figured out was 44 years old and still running perfectly. I wish I was a part of a time where two movies were a quarter, you could win prizes, and watch cartoons all in the same. Then again I wouldn't be writing to you know online, in a blog, with the internet, but that's ok. I wouldn't know the difference. Then we got talking about how much a quarter was worth, and a store that would give you two spucky rolls (sandwich meat included). Don't know what a spucky roll is? Google Image that shit. It's a short sub roll. Commence- my craving for a sub from Roy's, also in East Boston. I've been going there forever, it was there before I was born and the family that owns it has known me since I was in diapers. They also know my order by now: Small Pepperoni and Cheese with mustard and pickles, extra pickles in a cup on the side because I want to eat them. It still gets the raised eyebrow or head shake since the first time I ordered it.

Enough reminiscing. I'm going to indulge an internet addiction of mine. The COMBICHRIST tour blog written by Joe Letz. He lives behind his camera when they're out on the road and supply me with enough humorous goodies to keep me going all night. Check out the blog, unless you shame drunken humor and have a stick up your ass, otherwise- don't even bother. But for a laugh: combichrist's journal and here's a little video from Joe's YouTube account (fuxleep) that accompanies the blogging.

Off to the new post, until next time, take that stick out your ass and shove it into your complaining gob.

This shit will fuck you up,

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