Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sprechen Sie bitte langsamer. Я не понимаю. Yo no quiero pensar.

Hello my homo sapiens,

It has been a long couple of weeks and I'm blogging more out of necessity than responsibility. Meaning- I'm blogging to get all the chaos jumbled in my cranium out somewhere not because I have posted in almost three weeks...

First off with some bad news, it's been almost a week since my uncle passed away on September 11th. He is someone who was very good to me as a child and was there through many of the bad times that seemed to find me. I don't want to dwell on it too long since it's still fresh in my mind and very depressing. All my love uncle <3

Today is a Thursday which means my week is basically over. No classes on Friday, just a few work hours which are no big deal...then I'm on a bus home to Boston where I will be until Tuesday morning. My mother's birthday is in April but we're celebrating it this weekend. Why? Because my mother is in love with U2...who just so happen to be playing in Massachusetts on Sunday and Monday. Back in March or so, I got us tickets for this Monday. Mind you my mother is young, she hasn't even hit 40 yet, and has been listening to U2 for a little over 25 years now and has yet to see them. I'm glad to have bought tickets for us to go together since U2 has always been something we've shared and reminds me of home when I'm away. I also bought us seats on the good, ole reliable Rockbus to take us to and from the venue. She was freaking out when I got tickets...she's probably freaking out now that it's so close. Wait until the day comes I take her to Graceland...

At this point I'm reading almost 2-3 books a week, while learning two languages, and taking two courses that are writing intensive (but should also be labeled reading intensive). I work 4 days a week and am part of 3 organizations on campus. I HAVE NO TIME. It is stressful but I enjoy always having something else to do...I get bad when life is stagnant. It's very depressing to me. Obviously I like to have time to relax and that's when I procrastinate on Youtube or go to the movies and live a little.

One thing I wish I had more time for was music. I live by albums and there is nothing more I want then to hide between my headphones when times get overwhelming. I haven't been keeping up with any new albums or songs or artists...that's just not how I do. I usually stumble over things and they squeeze there way into my collection. One video I would like to share with you is H2O's video for their song "What Happened?" The image I posted above is of the shirt I'm H2O shirt (surprise!) and line from this song...and I couldn't agree with it more. Plus, Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio sings during the bridge (correct musical term? I think so) and adds his awesomeness to this already kick-ass band. So take a look and I'll see you all back in the 617 this weekend.

Never forget what it feels like to be young.

H2O What Happened feat. Lou Koller and Matt Skiba

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Social_Treason said...

As you keep telling me sweetie... it'll be over sooner than you think :-), I hope you and mom have a good time at the U2 concert, and as usual, great taste in music. And yes, you got the term right :-p