Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ole Ole Ole Ole: No Bull

If there is one thing I really miss while I'm on campus, it's FOOTBALL.

I'm a Manchester United fan through and through, but without any way of watching the matches while at school...coming home this weekend,I'm not picky with what teams I'm watching. Especially if they're in the Premier League.

I'm currently watching the Chelsea vs Tottenham match, which is actually live so when this game ends, you'll get your scores. [game goes to Chelsea 3-0...people falling apart. EIGHT MINUTES of stoppage time. Crazy game. If you didn't see it, catch a repeat!] The Spurs are definitely putting some pressure on the boys in blue. I'm also happy to see Robbie Keane back with Tottenham [personally, I feel that's where he belongs]. Also in football today (but not televised for me to watch), Manchester United defeated Manchester City 4-3 with a late goal from MICHAEL OWEN in the 90th minute. I'm sure I stated in a previous blog how wonderful it is to have Owen wearing the number 7 jersey that graced the shoulders of many great United players.

Yesterday I made myself get up for a repeat of the United vs Besiktas match in the Champions League which was won by a header from Paul Scholes, my favourite ginger. The day Scholes (and Giggs as well) retires, I'm going to feel a bit empty watching United games. I didn't get into the beautiful game until I was about 12, at which time the academy boys had been playing for close to a decade already. I came into United during a time of Scholes, Keane, Giggs, Solskjaer and I don't know if it will be the same after them. Of course I will always love United, without question, but United fans who have been watching them for decades before me completely understand the feelings we have about certain squads.

Liverpool vs West Ham was also on yesterday. A lot of action in that game, ending 3-2 going to Liverpool. I also caught a few USL and Super Liga games yesterday which aren't of much importance to me so sorry I didn't catch the final scores. I did, however, watch the Milan vs Bologna game this morning[1-0 going to Milan] and now I sit through Chelsea to get my EPL fix. Tonight I'm hoping I catch the Blackburn Rovers vs Everton [3-0 goes to Everton] match to see England's Paul Robinson who I believe is brilliant, and of course Phil Neville (a former Red Devil and brother of United Captain Gary).

That's all I have for you at the moment. I'm as content as can be with the number of games I've watched in the past two days. I'll return to update scores as I get them and who knows, you may get another blog from me this evening. I'm still procrastinating, so I tend to write a lot. I'm still sick but heavily medicated so not feeling whatever's going on in my body. I've done a little amount of academic work. AND if you happen to stumble across this, or just read this from time to time and don't comment, that's fine with me. BUT if you blog, please leave me a link so I can check out your posts. I love blogging and bloggers and will give any blog at least one chance. So leave it...and I think that's all I have for now. Until later...

Take me home United road!

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Social_Treason said...

If only I understood this football thing but I'm as interested in it as you are in the Simpsons. Lucky for both of us that we're so interested in each other.