Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tell Gravity to Let Go of My Ears

Gather 'round! Bring the disinfectant wipes...

I am sick! Sick in the head? Maybe, but that's not the question of the hour. Am I illin'? Yes I am. I have the wonderful, ninja-germ: the common cold, which not-so-wonderfully keeps changing it's make-up (why we can never find a final cure for it!)...My internal and external balance is completely fucked and driving in cars makes me feel like I've been on a merry-go-round one too many times.

Procrastination is in full force tonight. I'm being a horrible individual and I'm missing class on Monday and most of Tuesday so I'm kind of in the "why do it?" mode. I will do my work, just not tonight. Nope.

I'm still on the lookout for a record player decently priced.

This post is kind of list like but that's alright, because I really don't have anything to post tonight. Just trying to not fall asleep and it's slowly not working out.

One of the assignments I'm putting off is finding Hip-Hop lyrics to analyze. I personally am not the biggest fan of hip-hop and I think my professor is just trying to give us an assignment "on our level"...but this is not on my level.
Ok so I have to make an edit to this blog. I decided to search for lesser known hip-hop artists for my assignment. I stumbled across and these lyrics from Code Poets. I've never heard of them and I haven't listened to the song but here's the link to the lyrics I chose, and I dig them. Here they are.

INSTEAD, I'm going to leave you with these videos and lyrics and music I would rather spend time listening to:

(I don't know why this video won't re-size, but watch it anyhow)

Vitamin C to the rescue,

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