Sunday, March 21, 2010

You can't take my heart, it's in the city behind...

Well hello hello.

For I have returned. I am now back on campus in Durham, NH...where I don't want to be. As the title suggests, my heart is not here. It is in Minnesota. That's where I was, with my Mike as I have already told you.

My flight in wasn't bad at all. A stop in Chicago and then on to Minneapolis where I took a shuttle to Rochester. On my shuttle ride I counted over 60 silos (and would count 100 by the end of the day) until I got to my stop. There I was greeted by Mike and a large monkey, also known as Mr. Dr. Ian! We then continued to Famous Dave's and I was exposed to HIS BBQ place because he wanted to top my place here in Boston. I think it matched up pretty well. We made a few stops in Rochester, gave me a little tour, and then it was onwards to Plainview. This tour took all of maybe 10 minutes and now I will never doubt again the fact that my man is from a SMALL TOWN.

We crashed in the hotel that night and were off to Wisconsin the next day. Our first stop was the Nelson creamery where I had some delicious Maple Nut ice cream and bought REAL Wisconsin cheese to enjoy later. Then Mike, Mr. Dr. Ian, and myself heading to the tracks to wait for trains. We apparently came at the wrong time -even though Ian did flatten a penny-, saw two (which I'm sure Mike could tell you much more than I could about them), and decided to head out to lunch at Twin Bluff's Cafe. Great food and of course, as we leave we see train after train pass us by. On our way back we stopped at Lark Toys, walked around like big kids and even played a few games of mini-golf! Both won by Mr. Dr. Ian who is the whitest person amongst us...and Mike, well, he thought we were playing baseball.

Tuesday was basically a day to meet more relatives. His aunt and uncle decided to take us to Whiskey Creek where I continued to eat MORE bbq. Now I'm not complaining. No no no. They were interesting, nothing bad to say about them...they took a few photos of us together. Cute? Scary? I don't know. This was also a day of rain and fog, a long and difficult drive back to Plainview but the man had it all in control.

Wednesday was my first exposure to the THEATRE -dun dun duhhhh. Mike's work that I had heard about plenty of times, PLENTY. Wednesday was only a rehearsal but still a bit stressful with high school students being, well, high school students. But tis still a part of his life and I got a quick taste of it.

Thursday was lasagna dinner day! My man can cook, boy can he cook. Aren't I lucky? It was even better than my grandmother's who would probably feel a bit jealous if I told her that. I was worried about the use of cottage cheese since I'm not used to it but his meat was delicious ;)...correction, the meat he seasoned for the lasagna was delicious (pervs). Earlier that day before we made it to dinner we were slowed down by this accident and the fire engine that was heading to this accident. We're blaming this on Ian's golf ball...

Friday I found myself once again at the theatre to watch the full high school show. It wasn't bad, it got a few laughs out of me and the kids generally did alright. I can see how monotonous and aggravating it can be for Mike & Ian and I don't blame them at all. They do so much for that theatre and I hope the people there appreciate them more than they put across, I really hope so. They make that place run.

Well, I pretty much met the majority of people I have heard about (but surely enough missed a lot of other people but that's ok). I met people at the theatre, met a few of Mike's friends, and yes even though I didn't mention them. I met the family. Mom, Dad, and his brother Ben/Benji/Fat Kid (depending on who you ask). And I also met the infamous Gusgus. Mike's Cat/Horse/Dog/Flying Squirrel/whatever other animal he is. One of the most adorable cats on the face of this earth no doubt.

All in all, I'm sure you all know I loved my time spent there. And the only sad part was having to leave. I left on Saturday and it was really stressful getting home- honestly I don't even want to get into it. I miss our nights and our mornings, the wonderful details (aside from a lot of Pink Panther and Married with Children) I will keep for myself ♥. Now I just wait until we see each other again.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
I love you babe.

and to anyone else,

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