Saturday, March 13, 2010

waiting, thoughts pending

Hello my lovelies. I guess almost a month later would be a good time to update you all...

I don't know if my timestamps are correct here, but I'm starting this post at 12:36 a.m. You know what the means to me? That means, in roughly 40 hours I will be with my Mike after three months. Three long-ass months. Where is he? Minnesota. Where am I? Massachusetts. 1,386.31 miles too far apart. I mapquested it. He's doing who-knows-what with a router at work right now so here I am. I probably won't exist for the next week or so (for it is Spring Break and I am his as long as I'm there) -when I come back I will tell you all about my adventures, maybe even misadventures. Camera will be in tow.

What else has gone on? Life has been pretty routine. Classes. Work. Homework. 2 hours sleep. Repeat. Two new things in my possession (one mentioned, the other not): 1. Google Chrome and 2. the new Alkaline Trio CD "This Addiction". Google Chrome is still pretty new to me. I used it religiously for a week to explore it but I'm writing this on Firefox so our browser-relationship may have ended prematurely. It's simple, runs smoothly, but I'm stuck in a habit. Now, This Addiction is another story. I'm absolutely nose over tail for it (shameless Alkaline Trio pun). I bought the Deluxe Version or whatever they call it; how could I refuse? and now have bonus tracks and a DVD containing a full-length performance. It's brilliant. All of it. You should buy it. <- I don't do the typical music reviews because every one has heard it before. Personal review- I'm particularly fond of one of the bonus tracks called "Those Lungs" simply because of this line "When I get home Ill keep you up for hours" is pretty relative to my life right now. I'm positive you can find the entire album on YouTube if you don't want to buy it right away. It's cheap and amazing so I wouldn't see why not but here's the track I just mentioned...

I'm writing again, which is absolutely amazing. I feared my hands were losing their creativity. They also busted out a nice little drawing the other night. I'm surprised. My writing however is a little one-track in the subject matter...trying to shake that. I'm actually now off to listen to that album because I need something to sing along to. Turn it up fuckin' loud.

Belt it out.
love. napalm.

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