Wednesday, April 14, 2010

night, day

So another month has passed...

[3:00 p.m] I must say it is a beautiful day, but as I begin writing this to you I'm stuck in British Lit & Culture for another hour or so. I thought it would be a nice time to catch up since so much - yet so little has come about since Spring Break.

After break it was straight back to work- schoolwork, mentoring, paperwork. Speaking of, I don't know if I clued you into my plan of attending the UMN in the fall (only in the fall), but talk about scrambling to get paperwork done. But that's on its way and no worries there so far (I'll talk about it more as it approaches). What's really pressing right now is basically schoolwork and one in the many ridiculous english professors out there. I propose that professors (especially this one) take a week to live the schedules of one of their students, when they teach their classes as if it's the only one we're taking. Basically awake for a minimum of 20 hours a day gets old fast, and on the nights of less work the body just goes through with the routine and won't let you get the rest you want, that's ok. I'm nocturnal on the weekends.

THIS WEEKEND. Friday. Get on the Bus for Human Rights. In NYC. Check out my schedule here: GOTB. I'll be heading out sometime around 4 am. with my friends from UNH's Peace & Justice League, get to our bus in Boston, and hopefully be in 'New Yawk' between 10-11. Returning to NH the same night. My Nikon will be in tow, and if we don't get rained out, I will have plenty of photos to share.

Ok. Completely changing the thought here.

As far as my individual being in this past month, it's been quite interesting. Last night I couldn't go to bed and what started as a five-minute walk around the building turned into almost an hour. I looked back at the last 5 years and tried to look ahead. And I am grateful. I think, I think I saw the woman I will be in 5 20...and although I can't be certain of anything, I think I'm happy with her. All I know is that I wish she is young at heart while well-aged in life and mind. I know this is all pretty jumbled and not laid out that well for coherency, but try and sort it out if you must.

It is now almost 10 p.m. before I decide to post this. I had a good day. Time to just sit back and relax and now I'm back to the grind.

Don't take anything for granted.


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