Saturday, January 2, 2010

twenty-ten? when did that happen?

It's the future! That's scary...

So I was sick on New Years Eve...sad day, I know. I was more than willing to go out and whatnot but Mike ( convinced me to lay my ass on the couch and watch a Three Stooges marathon with him all night. Honestly, that was absolutely fine with me. A little wine and a little card playing. Two more days until he heads back to the frozen tundra of Minnesota and I'm thinking of holding him hostage.

Right now we're sitting on my bed while he fights to update his band's MySpace page to let everyone know about his new album! When he isn't sitting next to me I'll give my review since I've had the first copy sitting next to me for over a week now. Aren't I special? If you've read my old posts I've already said a few words about him but check out his page once he updates for music, and the new website he's working on.

As you know, where I've been staying lacks internet and I've been really bad in updating for all of you. When I return (some time around Monday-Tuesday) I'll let you know about our two weeks together, the 'new' Mighty Mighty Bosstones CD, the 'new' Rammstein CD, and my next trip outta hea'! I will have a lot to say, you have no idea. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, go hug your loved ones!

Bad in Plaid,

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Social_Treason said...

But if I'm held hostage while you're in Germany... what point will it serve? The Stooges were a good choice... the caveman doesn't like them so you know they're good, and more music will come as soon as is can.