Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back in the 617: Land of 10,000 Lakes meets the Bay State

Where the hell have I been?

I will tell you. Since I last posted (21 days ago) I have finished classes, finals, brought my stuff home, and gained a husband...well, we're not actually married but don't tell us that. Wait, what? Yeah I'm confused too.

So as you should know about, the man behind that, is the man sitting next to me right now, the man I picked up from Logan Airport on the 22nd, and he belongs to me...that he already knows. AND THIS is his FIRST time in my lovely Boston, even though he's not seeing much of it. We'll work on that...we actually have a planned outing with my family to the Museum of Science this week. He's already in good with my family. DAMN, can't get rid of him now...joking, I'm joking. I don't plan on it. I've waited long enough, I won't let him get away from me *maniacal laughter* .

Now I know this post is a little different than my usual talk but that's just the mood I've been in for the past, almost, week. Hopefully you will here from me some more...not until after the 4th most likely, sorry darlings. When I do finally come back to internet life, I'll tell you a little more about my two week Minnesotan invasion, what goes on, and this little flight to Europe I have planned for the 7th...

Until then, I hope all your holidays were/are stuffing and you're all having a wonderful winter (or lack-there-of if you're in the Northeast)...

'You took the part that once was my heart.
Why not take all of me?'


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I just left my comment on your lips.