Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They Call It Progress....

Who are They and what is It?

That doesn't matter, as long as you know the name Soapbox Preachers. If you're a reader of my blog I am sure I have mentioned this band and I know I have mentioned Mike, the mastermind behind it all as well as

After five years and slowly coming down to a one-man music-making machine, SBP's second album They Call It Progress is now available to please your ear-drums.

If you've heard the first album, do not judge. I personally feel the lack of proper recording equipment affected the quality of the first CD but that says nothing about the music or the lyrics. Armed with better equipment and what I would argue to be progressing talent, They Call It Progress shows a lot of potential and a lot of energy. Bad Religion would be proud of this man's work! Not only has the recording improved but I witness much stronger music and lyrics writing this time around. Although he has not abandoned his trademark social-commentary, his lyrics have broadened to a wider array of all that life has thrown at him.

5 years and Mike has certainly grown as an artist and can only go upwards from here. The first single of the album is titled "Process of Decay" but don't judge on that single alone! You can listen to the entire album on his site (which I will include at the bottom of this post) and hear a range of different moods from track to track.

Although my word should be law about this, I'm telling you to judge for yourself.
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You can also search for Soapbox Preachers on REVERBNATION.

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I will be in Berlin for the next two weeks, surprise! So excuse my absence and I will share all on my return, in the meantime go listen to some Soapbox to occupy yourselves!

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