Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gravity's a bitch.

Hello my stuffed birds!

So time at home, which started Wednesday night, has to end...actually coming to an end two days ago on Sunday. Wednesday night was dinner at a restaurant and Thanksgiving food fed me until I physically left the state and traveled far from it. I'm going to avoid the negative aspects of my mini-vacation, and there were a few. There is a good chance I watched a minimum of 20 movies those 4-5 days and I can say it was close to amazing. The majority of them some way involving Eli Roth (go watch the Thanksgiving trailer) in one way or another. I want that man to kill me...in a movie of course. I won't start talking about Mr. Roth, I don't want to get carried away. That level of procrastination hasn't been reached in a long time. But now I am back on campus, working my ass into nonexistence. I have a 4 essay exam-like thing that's kicking my behind. I did well on the last one for this class (Russian Society & Culture) but my brain shut off the day I left for Thanksgiving break...which isn't good considering my last class isn't until the 10th and my only final is on the 18th.

I'm ready for break, you have no idea. So as you know, I listen to a ridiculous amount of music daily from all different genres and all different parts of the world. As of late I've reverted back to some old favourites...and when I say old favourites I mean things that were listened to constantly around age 12 (a little over 7 years ago, damn I'm so young...) which includes Mudvayne. Look up the lyrics to "Mercy, Severity". Just sayin'... You can usually guess the mood I'm in by the music I need. Yes, need. My music is chosen by my needs, or my needs chose the music. You get it. I don't consciously go "this will be good..." it just works and you do know what I mean so I don't need to explain that shit to you.

I have some strange dreams my mind conjured up that I need to post to napalm dreams & little things. Hopefully I'll be getting to that soon. Until I work my way over there I need to write a little more about Stalinist Russia, so give me a break. Tell me all your secrets. Until next time...

'Mother of creation wait'

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