Sunday, November 22, 2009

Call me later...I'm melting into the carpet

So another weekend goes by on campus.

This means I survived another week of classes. Friday night I watched one of my RAs play in a little jazz group he and a few friends threw together and then stayed up until 3:30 in the morn to watch Casino Royale eating FroYo from Stat's. Delicious. Yesterday I attempted to do some early and cheap Christmas shopping. Disgusting, I know. So I took the bus on over to Newington. I don't know why I thought going anywhere near a shopping center on a Saturday afternoon would be a good idea. Everyone is shopping and everyone is walking ridiculously slow, looking at things they're not going to buy.

Currently I'm in the library, once again. You can find me hear every weekday without fail for at least an hour. For some reason I'm more focused when I'm surrounded by others who are extremely focused. Make sense? I try working in my lounge, but if I'm alone I don't get as much done...and in my room, it's usually hopeless. Plus this helps me hide from the stress of everyone else. It's my job to listen to people complain and when I'm not working, and EVERYONE has something to complain about...well, I'm not as understanding lately. It seems the only thing I complain about is people complaining. Ironic? Tell me a story, tell me what's going on. Don't complain about it. I'll want to smack you upside you're whiny little head. Which also brings me to something I find humorous. I seem to be more irritable when I'm in a good in, I don't want anything to ruin it. So if I'm in a good mood, find a different therapist.

In other news. IT'S ALMOST THANKSGIVING! Sweet baby jeezums. Thank fucking gob. This means it's almost the end of classes (Dec 11 technically but I'm done on Dec 10) and you will see me running around like a maniac because I will finally get my FREEDOM from life. For at least a month...then it'll start allover but I'm not thinking about that. I'll also be registering on the 8th so I'll let you know how that goes and what my hectic schedule (my schedules are always hectic, there's no winning there) looks like.

Hmm...what else? Oh! Alkaline Trio news. They're planning to release their 7th studio album on Heart & Skull Records/Epitaph Records! This is exciting. Not only the record label move (an amazing choice I may add)...ALKALINE TRIO IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM. Very happy narrator here. Will promptly purchase and review whenever possible (no clue of the release date yet). Read about it @ the Epitaph Blog

Well until next time I'll leave you with a little Trio for your listening pleasure.
Maybe I'll catch fire...

Matt Skiba owns you all...

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Social_Treason said...

No complaining from me I'm actually in quite a good mood :-). So feel free to come to me with anything, as usual. And to join you... yay for end of classes! And tis always good news when Alkaline Trio releases new stuff!