Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Substance: The Acceptance

Drugs suck.
That's this whole blog being boiled down to two words, but if you want -please continue with this blog.

I really can't see why people get into drugs "just to get into" them, if that makes any sense. I know it must be difficult to end an addiction but it's pretty simple to say no in the first place. Some people are going to look at this blog like I'm just another straight-laced kid who doesn't know what she's talking, "Who the fuck gave her the right to judge MY life?" My family gave me that right, my childhood gave me that right. I lived in the section 8 supported, kept on welfare, bugs in the cabinets, dog shit on the carpets, hellhole apartment because a kid like me is too young to get work and the people supposedly raising that child is too lazy , looking to get high, sleeps until 6 p.m., has a junkie asshole boyfriend, and won't keep a home together. Then there's the missing: jewelry, game system, DVDs, CDs, money in birthday cards, and family heirlooms. The water or electricity is shut off because th bill isn't paid. The cops show up and know you by name because of all the "public disturbances." The savings looks a little low because someone decide to bail out your aunt or uncle without asking for your permission but you're too young to understand. BEFORE you got approved for food stamps you had to decide whether bread or toilet paper was more important.

There is so much shit, so much baggage that goes a long with such a lifestyle. No not everyone will end up like this but I bet a good majority of people who say "yes" will travel down this path once or twice. I just want people to think a little more about the future even if I say I'm all about the here and now, maybe looking ahead every once and awhile isn't so bad.

Lots o love.
Take care.

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