Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Only Wednesday

Fuck my life.

My roommate and I have adopted that saying as our motto for the semester. Not because our lives are horrible (actually, we're pretty content most of the time) but because it's the best way to verbalize our frustration. Go on, give it a try, just sigh and go "Aaaa...fuck my life." See?

I just got back from work a little while ago. I'm exhausted. My job includes corralling fourteen 6 year olds for an hour and then keeping my eye on 50+ kids for 2 more hours (ages 6-10). Obviously, I'm not doing this alone but they still beat the hell out of me every time.

In other news, I'm still in the confusing stages of deciding on a major. I have decided that I will declare the English Major offered by my University by the end of next year. There are four types of English majors (English, English/Teaching, English/Literature, English/Journalism) but I chose that one since I could get the most flexibility and choice from it. What am I going to do with it? No clue. I just know it'll encompass some of the things I love (reading, writing, analysis, etc).

Another consideration is dual majoring. What do I want to dual major in? RUSSIAN. Yes, that did just come out of left field. I took Russian on a whim last semester. We have to fulfill a language requirement and I was DONE with Spanish after 6 years. I wanted to take a language that wasn't the typical french, spanish, latin etc. I ended up loving it and I owe a lot of that to мой профессор Aleksa. She is amazing and very enthusiastic about her class.

I have not yet declared English major due to prerequisites I have to take. I'm taking care of that in the fall. The reason I haven't declared Russian major is for exactly one reason. Russian Majors are REQUIRED to spend a semester in Russia. I'm not totally opposed to that fact but the top 5 places I want to study have been: England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic. I didn't tack the last one on until recently...someone sold me and Prague sold itself. I have the feeling I'll most likely declare it anyhow...I'll keep ya posted.

So, basically, feel free to talk college with me...or whatever.

I'm driving with my roommate over to Dover to pick up her brother's car in a bit so I am off.

Stay free,


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