Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Books, Brand New, and Delaware

Hello there,

So I'm sitting in Murkland Hall on the UNH campus in Durham, NH. Why? Because I have Russian class in a little while. I most likely won't finish this before class and will have to post it later on while I'm not doing my FAFSA or research paper.

I just wanted to rant on the ridiculous amount of money we, as college students, are required to spend on BOOKS ALONE to take courses. My schedule for the Fall 2009 is pretty much cement, except for one of my courses. I'm continuing with my Russian language, I'm taking a Lit. Analysis course so I can declare my English major next semester, and another Russian culture course (as it is a requirement for both the major and minor in Russian - which one I'm working towards I have no idea). The one course that's on the fence is German 401. I have decided I want to start learning a third foreign language (aside from Spanish and Russian) but the one thing holding me back is the book price- $222.00 NEW from my bookstore. Obviously I'm not going to even consider purchasing from the bookstore, but COME ON....THAT'S RIDICULOUS!

In other news: March 7th, BRAND NEW will be playing on my campus...I am beyond excited to see Jesse Lacey belt his heart out on stage. He truly kicks my ass. And after the show, I am jumping in a car with my roommate and driving to Delaware. I will miss Monday classes and will be back sometime Monday night. Six state road trip in under two days. Got to love it. Then a friend from New York is going to be staying over....

Why isn't it next weekend yet?

Once again, as always, love,

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