Monday, January 21, 2008

Receiving Messages

So earlier I received an email from someone who quickly scrolled through my blog. There comment was something along the lines of -why don't I have anything about current events or things that really matter? So I'm going to blog the answer. Why? Because this is a blog I created for myself and I clearly state in the description of it that it's just something for me to let my thoughts out on. They may not be life changing realizations nor may they be about politics, war, or any other event that's consider debatable and's sort of like an online journal. To share my most ridiculous and random thoughts I choose to share. I apologize not every word that comes from my keyboard is a fragment of genius. I don't have many readers, most days no one even reads these posts of mine -but I don't mind....I still write like someone is reading just to do it....because I want to.
Simple enough.

Take care.

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