Monday, January 21, 2008

One Missed

Ok so I managed to forget about this movie coming out until I saw an advert. for it online...

I don't know when it comes out or if it's already...but if it is already and you've seen it -let me know what you think of it.

My guess is the U.S. fucked up another good movie from Japan that they should have just left alone....

anyone remember Chakushin ari?
I bet not....or Chakushin ari 2? Are they going to screw over the sequel too? (even though the first was much better than the sequel)

I don't care if I don't speak Japanese but I prefer a good movie in subtitles over a bad movie in English.

that's it for this morning.
take it easy.


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Daniel Owen said...

I see from your profile you like "cock Sparrer". They're an ace band!