Thursday, October 7, 2010

where'd you go? & goon squad

My apologize for disappearing. What an exhausting week but ‘tis over now since my week ends on Thursday.

I just wanted to tell you about the book I’m waiting for to come in the mail. I had to choose something to present to my Fiction Writing class (from a list) and I’m surprised I found one that made me want to buy it. I have yet to read it so I’ll just leave you with a little description and a review later…but for people who know me, this is right up my alley. And obviously, you can’t “Click to LOOK INSIDE” on this photo. I just used the link from Amazon since it’s a more permanent link. If you would like to look inside I’ll leave the link at the bottom of this post.

A Visit from the Goon Sqaud by Jennifer Egan (2010)

“The intellectually audacious and lyrically gifted Jennifer Egan uses a portrait (more like a shredded Polaroid, actually) of an aging musician to convey a few of her more luminous thoughts on tiny topics such as life, death, memory, time, rebellion, kleptomania, text messages, Power Point, and punk rock. Egan’s expansive universe of characters is obviously elliptical, since it has a pair of foci, rather than a center—Bennie Salazar, the aforementioned rocker turned music producer, and his secretary Sasha, who has an odd tendency to turn one-night stands into opportunities for casual theft. Beginning with Bennie and Sasha, Egan builds outward, encompassing the stories of their friends, family, co-workers, and even casual acquaintances, as she shifts the view and voice of the book as if the narrative drive had a manual transmission. From the howl and ruckus of punk rock clubs in 1970s San Francisco to the combustible bustle of contemporary Manhattan to the scarred silence of the Western desert in the not-too-present future, Egan urgently digresses her way through the tail end of the 20th century and on into the mouth of the 21st, allowing her method of depiction to condense and simplify before the readers’ eyes as time inexorably progresses while life inexplicably recedes.” (review from an Ebay page, I apologize for not giving credit. It’s not my own, but I’ll give credit if I remember who’s Ebay page it was)

Amazon page:

I have way too much reading to do but I’m excited for this one! because I’m an English major and sometimes I get excited about books…

-stay free.

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