Monday, September 27, 2010

get off your soapbox

These men stood outside one of my buildings today preaching to everyone who passed that they were not saved unless they were born again through Christ. All acts and good deeds, even feeding the poor, were a sin if not done through Jesus Christ. No I am not a Christian, nor am I religious in any way shape or form, but I will never tell you that you can’t have your religion because I don’t agree with it…but I will ask you to have the same respect for me. Calling out homosexuals as sinners and telling women in burkas that Allah will not save them is just disgusting and flat out rude. If you want to inform someone about your religion, this is no way to do it. People laughed at this man, were annoyed by him and even told him so…this only creates opposition to you and the original reason you probably got up on that soapbox. Show some respect.

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